It’s about the culture.

J-Pop and K-Pop has proven that they can be accepted in western music industry and global market.

Hallyu Wave has been spreading across the globe since early 2000. Many groups even have fan base around the world. Just like any other industry, their music industry has been debuting countless artists and releases until they reach a certain level of standard that people can recognized and accept as ‘this is J-Pop’ or ‘this is K-pop’.

But everything has to start somewhere, and for Indonesian Pop Music Industry, it’s a very long way to go. One of the reason is that the industry doesn’t encourage new talent, and has been stagnant for a very long time., relying on the old methods and platform.

The current generation of Indonesian Pop Artists are usually connected to the previous generation (family or close circle) and it’s very hard for a new aspiring artist to even have a chance for an audition. Although lately the presence of internet and social media helps somewhat.

The latest effort to find new talents was through Indonesian Idol, but once again, the judges are from previous generation of musician with certain kind of attitude. And being a reality show, it relies heavily on the drama. Everything is so instant, and the voting system turns the talent contest into a popularity contest where the person who has the most supporter wins. This creates an ‘artis karbitan’ effect, where they only release one or two songs, then get immersed in celebrity life ( mostly got married to another celebrity or businessman ) and stop releasing music. Some end up being host to variety shows on TV.

What must change in this industry is the work culture and the work ethics.

The western music industry is built upon individuality, which shows by the artists’ attitude on and off stage. One lucky person can become an overnight sensation if he/ she pulls off something special. Seems like this is what Indonesian music industry has been emulating.

In japan and Korean Pop Music Industry, everybody starts from the bottom, pass multiple audition, and enduring hard training for a year, and maybe more, without a guarantee for a debut. This shaped their mindset to always appreciate everything and everyone. I’m not saying that their industry is without fault, but on grander scale, it’s like a well oiled machine that runs silently behind all the glamour.




– To differentiate from other pop group, our theme will revolve around LOVE – PEACE – FRIENDS – FAMILY – COUNTRY – RESPECT – HARD WORK

– To gain faster recognition, our group must affiliate with other institution, e.q performs at the government’s events, NGOs, actively support environmental cause, conservation, and other activity that will give a positive image (and great public exposure).

– In the past few years, there’s been an escalation in nationalism and patriotism among the young generation. This could be the right moment to grab new market.

– the recording company can be expanded into one big chain business, from the cram school, dance school, singing lesson, artist management, event organizer, fashion line etc etc…

– keep a good relationship with the fan base and communities.



– To start up this thing, we need to hold an audition to get the potential talents, and the process will take quite some time.

– Then we’ll have to train them before they can finally debut (if they’re good enough).

– We also need to find a good songwriter and coaches/ trainers.

– This whole process might take at least 1 year yield any noticeable result.

– All the while we also need to keep scouting for talents, and process them.



– To have a steady cashflow, since the initial cost to start this program is quite massive.

– To penetrate the existing Indonesia music industry.







A pilot project to break the stagnancy in Indonesian (pop) music industry.



SoUYeah Ent/ Sirkus Ent



Indonesian music industry has been plagued by many things in the past decade. The high rate of piracy makes record label unable to rely on physical record sales, so they market their artists elsewhere, and rely on tv programs, which in turn gives the program director the power to choose which content they deem suitable for the audience.

Off stage is not much different. With only the top artists (that get promoted heavily through tv and radio) able to perform on big stage and events and get endorsement from big brand, while the others resort to making news and scandal to get media highlight. Some other choose to go indie, but without any clear strategy and branding, they only circulate inside limited (and specific) crowd.

Another important thing is that the current music industry failed to recognize the power of the masses. In this, I mean they distance themselves from their fan base, holding their ‘artist’ status with pride, thus failed to create an emotional connection with the fans.

This created a massive untapped market, filled with both artists who were unable to break through the system and the crowd whom the industry failed to cater.

There are many reasons why this happen, but it all comes down to the cash flow. Without cash flow, the artists (and management) won’t be able to execute their concept 100% (no matter how good it is). Without cash flow the artists won’t even be able to perform, and use their time and energy for something else instead (e.q work in office for steady income). Without a good public exposure, artists will find it hard to get recognized and get a gig.









Headhunting for 7 girls age 18-20. Fresh graduated from highschool. They should have at least basic skill in singing and dancing and physically healthy (good body proportion) and good attitude.

Have them to sign a 3 year contract, which entitled them for all kind of lessons to improve their skills. All this in exchange for total control of their schedule and activity.

What we need : 2 heavy dancer, 1 who can rap, 2 with very good vocal, 2 visual.


Phase 1 ( First Quarter) HEAVY TRAINING

The Hopefuls will have to go through intensive training, consists of dancing lesson, singing lesson, fitness lesson, beauty class, diet etc, 5 days a week from 1 PM to 9 PM. For 3 months.

In total they will have to go through around 480 hours of training, to prepare them for the next phase.

Note: Must find sponsors to fund this phase


Phase 2 ( Second Quarter) GUERILLA PERFORMANCE

In this phase, The Hopefuls will move to a dorm (supervised by a chaperone) so they can maintain their busy schedule.

They will go through more intense training from Monday to Thursday from 8 AM to 8 PM, while doing Guerilla Performance on Friday to Sunday at public places. During Guerilla, The Hopefuls will cover all kind of song from other artists.

All their performance will be uploaded into youtube channel and other social media channels. We should create a viral effect by performing everywhere.

At this time, we should also have a song for their debut ready and start looking for gigs.

Note :

– Must find sponsors to fund this phase

– the trainee should get allowance and provided for their daily needs

– This phase can be turned into a reality show on tv or internet

– we can start online campaign to see which trainee gets the most attention from public


Phase 3 (Third Quarter) DEBUT/ THE TWIST

From 7 Hopefuls, only 4 will debut with the SPORTY concept under a new name. The remaining 3 will have to remain Hopefuls.

The Sporty 4 will start their campaign for their debut single, doing roadshow and performance, while relying heavily on sponsor/ endorsement or even crowdfunding. The Sporty 4 will also be the ambassador for government programs.

We will also launch our official website where people can download the single for free. All they have to do is register (for free) in exchange for their database. These database will be our bargaining chip for sponsorship and ads.

We’re still going to sell the limited edition DVD with special feature and merchandise.

Also, with the existing footage, we can start uploading the pre debut footage, training footage and so on and so forth on our website. Even making documentaries.


Phase 4 ( Until end of Contract) NON STOP CAMPAIGN

By this time, the Sporty 4 should have be able to support their own weight with long term contracts with their sponsors, and start planning on their 2nd single and other activities such as roadshow to other cities and perform/ collaborate with local artists. With the combined fans database, it’s possible to attract lots of sponsors. They should release a single every 6 months ( 3 monts prep – comeback – 3 months promo – 3 months prep – comeback – 3 months promo rinse and repeat).

Keep in mind that the campaign and sponsorship must be within the concept’s restriction. : no tobacco/ alcohol sponsorship, related to sports and healthy living, to support campaign for improvement of life, to support law enforcement and government programs etc.

Also during this phase that the remaining 3 Hopefuls will be put on spotlight as another upcoming group with different concept.



With our website established as the source of free digital music, Hopeful 7 also promotes the transition from physical records into digital content which can kickstart our own Digital Music Store where other local artists can sell their works.

The next step is to make the girls group into ambassador for Indonesian music copyrights protection.

At this point we already gather massive database on Indonesian Music Industry. The company itself can branch out into event promotor, artist management, and many more.

To strengthen our position, we could approach the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and offer them a series of program to be broadcasted on the internet and national TV. Such as videoblog on cultural events or tourism spot where the girls learn traditional dance/ ritual ala Sync or Swim game (they have to learn a new dance/ ritual in limited time, the one who perform worst will be punished).


Tulisan ini pertama dibuat pada tahun 2013, dan sudah diedit-edit supaya lebih relevan dgn tahun 2016.






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